Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Case

My case that I will be exploring in order to illustrate my argument are the points emphasized in Cathy Davidson's book Now You See It.  

I intend to focus on her chapters Project Classroom Makeover and The Changing Worker.  In Project Classroom Makeover, Davidson discusses how students of Duke University aided the introduction of iPod apps into classroom by working with professors and designers to create educational applications allowing students to learn in new ways previously not available.  Also in the chapter, Davidson discusses why the iPod experiment at Duke was so successful by saying, "It was an investment in a new form of attention, one that didn't require the student to always face forward, learn from on high, memorize what was already given, or accept knowledge as something predetermined and passively absorbed" (Davidson 173).  I will also be using my other sources to emphasize the varying view points of both student and instructor and how they view the integration of social media into the classroom from a professional perspective.  Additionally, I will provide analyzation as to how preparing a student to use social media for various reasons can aid them in workplace.

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